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Canadian Empress

Unlike many cruise lines that charge extra for onshore tours and attractions, our visits to historic attractions and interesting sites are included in your cruise price—there are no extra charges for these tours and attractions.

To us it is fitting that the Canadian Empress should sail between the historic cities of Kingston and Quebec. Quebec City, the capital of French Canada and Kingston where the confederation dream began. Kingston, the home of Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald.

While the tours and attractions vary depending on the cruise selected, some tours and attractions are common to all, some of which include:

Quebec City

This is the city with old world charm and traditions, with a rich history that dates back 400 years. It's the one-of-a-kind city with its cobblestone lanes and horse-drawn carriages passing 17th century buildings used by the government today.

You can still enjoy the grace of old Europe and a wealth of North American history in a city where the people share their cultural riches as gladly as they share a smile.

Upper Canada Village

Upper Canada Village, winner of the 2000 "Top Attraction Award Nation-wide" is a world-class living museum community recreating the life, work and development of the early settlements along the river. Passengers are taken to the village by horse and carriage and as you pass through the 1850 gate into the village, sounds and smells of a past era are immediately evident; the woolen mill, grist mill and saw mill, all powered by water. You'll see wool become blankets and wheat become flour. Make sure the Cruise Director returns to the ship with some of that freshly baked bread from the village.

The 1000 Islands

With each nautical mile, nature's northern masterpiece unfolds. Within one fifty mile stretch of the St. Lawrence River you will find no less than 1,870 islands. In these "1000 Islands", birthplace of the famous 1000 Islands Dressing you will discover intricate river channels, sumptuous greenery, mysterious coves, nooks and crannies veiled in folklore. Here you will see opulent summer residences including the famous Boldt and Jorstadt castles. These islands have been the summer homes of many of the rich and famous, and now it's your turn to enjoy the islands from the observations decks of the Canadian Empress.

The St. Lawrence Seaway and Locks

The Seaway and Locks were one of the most extraordinary engineering accomplishments of the decade. Entire villages were relocated to higher ground, utilizing the largest moving and construction equipment in the world at the time. As the temporary "coffer dams" were blown on July 1, 1958, people watched with mixed emotions. Slowly-rising water covered familiar land forever. On all cruises, a major highlight is the opportunity to pass through 7 locks located between Kingston and Montreal, resulting in an overall change in water level of 246 feet.

A complete itinerary is forwarded with your cruise package at the time of booking.